Kashkaval Smoked



The production takes place in an ecologically pure mountain region. The product is made of high quality, full cream raw milk, according to an authentic Bulgarian/Macedonian recipe. Each kilogram of yellow cheese (kashkaval) is obtained from 10,5 liters of raw material. Neither preservatives nor milk powder are used. The ageing of the yellow cheese (kashkaval) lasts minimum 60 days.

The yellow cheese (kashkaval) is offered in thermo-shrinking vacuum foil packages. It is suitable for: The dairy product is extremely delicious. For ages it has been an invariable component of the Bulgarian national cuisine. The products we offer are unique due to the strict execution of the traditional, more than 100 years old, Bulgarian/Macedonian recipe for yellow cheese production. Based on that Yellow Cheese (Kashkaval) can satisfy the most capricious taste.

The yellow cheese (kashkaval) is often an extra component in various meals and is widely used in cooking. In parallel, it is among the main food products suitable for immediate eating.

Yellow Cheese Kashkaval can be widely used for Pizza, Sandwiches, Salads, Panning, Macaroni, Spaghetti, etc.

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