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History of Flavourex Cheese Factory

Since 1996 Flavourex cheese factory has been in operation. In those days the factory was called Sabo-Mak cheese factory and was situated in a small town of Kochani – Macedonia.

The cheese factory also had its own goats farm with about 300-400 goats which supplied pure goats milk that provided the highest quality of cheese to be produced.

Master cheesemaker and owner  Gorgi Gorgiev accompanied by his wife Erika has managed the cheese factory and farm for 6 years before migrating to South Africa in 2002.

In 2002 Flavourex Cheese Factory situated in north of Johannesburg, continued producing high-quality natural cheeses produced from pure cows and goats milk.

Today Gorgiev’s family has preserved the tradition of natural cheese-making in South Africa using open style vats that allow the cheese-maker to make the highest quality cheese from each vat. They use recipes handed down from generations as well as new creative techniques to produce innovative and unique naturally made cheeses.

Our goal is not to be the biggest cheese company- just the best company with great tasting cheese!

Matured Cheese on display on shelves at Flavourex factory

Freshly fermented cheese slicing during production process


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